You can use our photocopiers and printers to copy, print or scan to email:

  • Double or single sided
  • A3 and A4
  • Colour or black/white

You will need to use your library card to operate the self-service printers and copiers. Charges apply for printing and copying. It is easy to add credit to your library card using cash or major credit or debit cards. See staff at any branch to add credit, or use our self-service kiosks at any branch, except Greenbank and Logan Village libraries.

If you need to scan to your email, first check that the library has your email address on record and that you have credit on your library card. You will not be charged for scanning but you need credit to access the service.

One computer per branch has an A4 desktop scanner attached for scanning directly to computer. This is helpful for scanning higher quality images, or to scan a printed document into text you can edit via optical character recognition (OCR) software.

If you have slides, microfiche or microfilm, Logan Central library has both a ViewScan and Epson V800 Photo scanner available.

We have 3D printing facilities as well. You can submit a 3D printing job via our form. Find out more about our 3D printing service.