By logging in to Logan City Council Libraries free wireless (WiFi) service, you accept the following conditions:

  • WiFi is available to library members during library opening hours only. Visitors to the library may be given access on a walk in basis. We will need identification.
  • Children under 18 are the responsibility of their parent or guardian.
  • The library has no control over internet content. Users must make their own assessment of available material. Please report offensive material to the Australian Communications and Media Authority ACMA.
  • The Wi-fi service is not encrypted or secured. The library has no responsibility for the security of personal, or other information, or information users place on the internet such as banking details or online form data. Resources on staying smart online are available from and outline steps that could be taken to increase security including use of VPNs, firewalls and 2FA.
  • Users must adhere to all relevant laws including copyright and licensing agreements.
  • Equipment setting changes are the sole responsibility of the owner of the device.
  • Anti-virus protection is the sole responsibility of the owner of the device.
  • One device only per user can connect to the WiFi network at a time.
  • We may need to restrict internet speeds to limit impacts on other users. File type and other restrictions may apply.

Do not use the internet for:

  • Displaying pornographic, offensive or objectionable material.
  • Any illegal act or material relating to an illegal act.

We will document inappropriate use of the internet. Access will be immediately cancelled. Repeated breaches may result in removal of internet privileges.

If your device is hosting viruses you may be blocked from using the service. Remove viruses to gain access to the internet service.