Digital Library Membership

  • Are you a resident of Logan or one of its surrounding local government areas and don't have a library card? You can get a digital membership online now.
  • With a digital membership, you can log into the Logan Library website and access the library’s range of online resources.
  • You do not need to use this form if you already have a library card.
Apply for a Digital Library Membership

Full Membership

Getting a library card is easy and free - provided you live in Logan or an adjoining local government area.

Bring one form of identification showing your current address (eg. drivers licence, rates notice or bill) to join up for a full membership.

Benefits of Full Membership

Your library card is your gateway to:

  • Free internet-connected PCs at the library
  • Free online access at our WiFi hotspots
  • Access to over 300,000 unique titles
  • Access over 50,000 ebooks, 300 popular emagazines and 15,000 streaming videos
  • Access online resources for computer training, language learning, genealogy and more
  • Access to popular TV series on DVD
  • Access to colour printing and copying, scanning and 3D printing
  • Borrowing up to 20 items for 2 weeks at a time
  • Free transfer of requests between our branches to your local library

Other information can be found at our Membership FAQs. Download the Library membership guide booket (PDF 1055KB)

Member Responsibilities

Understand the Member Responsibilities to get the most from your membership.