We welcome your suggestions for books, movies or magazines you think the library should buy.

If you can't find it in our catalogue you can submit a purchase request. Specialised or out-of-print titles may be available from another library service via interlibrary loan.

Once you have made your suggestion, we will let you know if we will proceed with the purchase. For approved purchases, we will place a request for you. A list of your Purchase Requests is available in your Account Dashboard area.

The time for arrival of a new title will vary, but we will notify you once it has been received.


We assess each request for new items against the following guidelines:

  • Items published over 2 years ago are generally not considered unless the item is a classic work of fiction or film.
  • New films and TV shows are not always available on DVD for several months after release. Requests for this material are not accepted before release.
  • R rated items are generally not considered.
  • Textbooks are generally not considered.
  • We are unable to purchase through Amazon, eBay or used book sites.
  • Ebooks are purchased through our suppliers. We are unable to purchase through Amazon or similar websites.
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