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Howdy! I’m Logan the Loan Ranger & I love libraries! My favourite thing is helping folks read, share and discover our libraries’ collection. Ask me or one of my fellow Rangers for a personalised suggestion on what to borrow next. Just click on that big ol’ blue button below!


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Growing up with parents who read and a mum who worked in bookshops I was always going to be a reader. I'm willing to give just about anything a go but I love Sci-Fi, Fantasy & Children’s books.


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Reading is life – make it as rich as you can!
I always have a large TBR (to be read) pile of books on the bedside table.


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I am passionate about connecting people with the next great read. Nothing is more powerful than talking face to face about ideas, imagination, places we have lived or dreamt about...


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I enjoy reading as well as many other things in life. I give anything a go but my go to is a paperback book in a fantasy cross genre world, along with my hungry addiction to engaging and exciting TV series. I read the book before I watch the movie and the book is always better.


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I love reading young adult fiction and new adult fiction. My Favorite kind of book is definitely a YA Fantasy world that has a bit of romance and a hint of betrayal or even better fae and monsters! I'm also quite enjoy YA science fiction, YA dystopian fiction and YA contemporary fiction. I also have a guilty pleasure of reading my favourite books over and over again.


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I read a lot of Non-Fiction, knowledge is power! Pop-science, cultural history & philosophy are top of my list. I love music and I love getting out and losing myself in nature. I also enjoy Graphic novels and anything strange, mainly Horror and Sci-fi.


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Love reading, but also a big consumer of all types of media especially video games, tv shows and movies. I also love to travel and forever planning the next trip.


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You want vampire books? I got you!
Anime? I have your back!
Video games? Don't sweat, I know what's popular.

My name is Bindi and I am obsessed with vampires, give me movies, books, tv, anime and Manga and I will devour it. I love Video games, anime & manga and when I'm not reading, I love to write.


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I enjoy reading from a wide range of genres but I do have a soft spot for thrillers, historical romances and anything that makes me laugh out loud! If it's written well, I'm happy!


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I love to read and constantly find new authors. I love to watch TV and films including anime & Bollywood movies. I come from a Fiji Indian background and I speak the Hindu language.


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I enjoy a wide range of reading. Namely, historical fiction, young adult novels, romance, sagas, Australian authors, dystopian and fairy tale adaptations. I also enjoy many TV series and movies.


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I like to read widely - but especially crime and romantic suspense. As I mostly listen to audiobooks I particularly appreciate books with good narration.


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I have a keen interest in history, particularly Australian History and genealogy. Always happy to chat about books!


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I am an avid fiction and non-fiction reader, crafter and screen viewer of anything and everything! Eclectic is my middle name.
Some of my non-fiction interests are: Mental Health, Craft, Travel, Japan, Philosophy, General Health, Easy meal preparation, Religion and Flora and Fauna.
I am an eclectic reader of fiction and love any crime genres from cosy mystery to psychological thrillers, historical fiction, picture books, chick lit, contemporary fiction and literary fiction. Anything with a bit of humour is always great too.


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As a busy mum of two, I like to listen to audio books and podcasts, as I can do more than one thing at once!
I really enjoy crime fiction/ true crime, contemporary romance, and modern mysteries.
My favourite authors are JD Kirk, Christian White, Liane & Nicola Moriarty, and Beth O'Leary.


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I am a cheerful & creative chatterbox. Reading enables me to live several lifetimes vicariously & learn about people from all walks of life. I love sharing my favourite stories to those of all ages.