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Logan City Council Libraries offers help with general literacy including reading, writing and basic numeracy.

Adult literacy sessions are conducted on a one-to-one basis and are available to both native English speakers and individuals from non-English speaking backgrounds.

Our trained volunteer literacy tutors plan and prepare sessions to cater to each individual client’s needs. The sessions may, for example, aim to assist clients to:

  • communicate both orally and in writing with greater fluency and accuracy
  • develop strategies to improve reading and listening comprehension
  • improve numeracy skills for work or everyday life
  • learn interview skills and/or skills to retain a job
  • read web pages to access work
  • read to their children
  • gain a driver’s licence
  • prepare for the Australian citizenship test

Contact your local library or the Outreach Librarian on 3412 4459 for more information about adult literacy tutoring.

Yes. If the item is not in our catalogue already you can suggest it for purchase using our Suggest for Purchase form. If it is an older title an interlibrary loan may be more appropriate.

Logan City Council Libraries deliver many services and programs with the help of volunteers.

Find more information on volunteering opportunities or discuss your volunteering interest with the Regional or Digital Services Librarian at your closest Logan City Council Library.

No. The computers are free to use, though printing does attract a charge.

Some Logan City Council Libraries offer a Justice of the Peace service at selected times. Use this search to find justices of the peace in your community.

You can see a list of titles you have asked the library purchase. Have your library card handy to log into your My Account area.