Yes. We do not loan workshop manuals, but you can photocopy relevant sections.

Photocopying charges apply for the photocopying of workshop manuals. We have a large range of workshop manuals available in our reference collection.

No. Reference books cannot be removed from the library.

Logan City Council Libraries have books and other items in different languages available for loan.

Use the Advanced search feature to find items in your language. Select your language under the "Language" list and then click Search. This will display all items in your language.

Visit Community Languages to discover more.

A playaway is a small pocket sized audiobook that is pre-loaded with a title, ready to listen to.

All you need is a set of headphones to plug into the playaway or a cable to connect it to a set of speakers if you prefer.

M4b files are used to store audiobooks downloaded from Apple iTunes Store. The .m4b file uses Apple FairPlay DRM (digital rights management). This prevents a user from playing the audiobook on unauthorised computers and/or devices.

Programs that can open a .m4b file include iTunes, Windows Media Player and Roxio Creator.

An MP3 audiobook is an audiobook that has been optimized for download (compressed, making it a smaller file).

MP3 audiobooks are compatible with many devices such as iPods, mobile phones and computers. They are also transferable to any MP3 player.

You can see a list of titles you have asked the library to purchase. Have your library card handy to log into your My Account area then click on the Requests tile.