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Do you live in Queensland and don’t already have a library card? Yes, you are eligible to get a Limited Membership online instantly.

Entitlements for this membership are outlined on the sign up form.

Yes, if you are a resident of Queensland you can join for free.

There is no minimum age for your child to have their own card. You may join children legally in your care who are aged 17 and under.

Adult membership commences at age 18.

No. Any residents of Queensland may join as a member.

If you live outside of Queensland and only wish to use the internet whilst travelling through, membership is free. However if you are wishing to borrow there is a fee of $20, refundable by cheque upon closing membership and return of all items borrowed. Bring proof of your permanent address, and if possible, where you are staying locally.

Membership is free and only requires one form of identification showing your current address (eg a licence, rates notice or bill).

As long as you continue to use our services such as loaning items or using the internet computers, your membership will remain current.

If you haven't used the library in over 2 years, your membership will become inactive and will be scheduled for deletion. Don't let this happen to you!



Yes, all of our libraries have easy to use self-checkout kiosks.

No. High demand items are a two week loan only. You are welcome to request it again though.

Yes. If the item is not in our catalogue already you can suggest it for purchase using our Suggest for Purchase form. If it is an older title an interlibrary loan may be more appropriate.

No. Members of our library have their own library cards and are responsible for the items associated with their library card. This includes items that may end up lost, stolen or damaged.

You can use your library card, a digital image of your library card such as on a card-storing app, or key in your library card number.

Parents or guardians determine the level of internet access available to their dependents. Junior library cards can be categorised as:

  • unrestricted (the same as an Adult card)
  • no access (internet rights are withheld)

No. All items available for loan within our collections are borrowed free of charge.

Charges only apply if items are lost, damaged or (possibly) sourced as an interlibrary loan.

No overdue fines are charged.

If your items are more than three weeks overdue you won't be able to borrow until they have been returned.

You will be required to pay the replacement cost of any item that is not returned.

  1. Log in or register to access your account.
  2. Enable your borrowing history in your account. Once this has been done, anything you return from now on will be kept and will only be visible to you.
  3. Add items from your borrowing history to your Completed shelf by choosing Completed on the right hand side. You can also search the catalogue to add items to your Completed shelf. The Completed shelf is where you can store everything you’ve read, watched or listened to.
  4. Access your Completed shelf from the library dashboard or under your profile menu. You can sort your Completed shelf by title, author and date added, and filter to narrow your results further. You may also print these pages.
  5. If you would like your Completed shelf to be private, adjust your settings.

Items can renewed in the Checked Out area of My Account. Next to each item is a Renew link, click the link and you will be notified of the success or failure of the renewal.

If you have more than one item, you can renew all items by selecting Manage Multiple at the top of the Checked Out section.


Log in to your library account and follow the steps outlined below:

  1. Locate the item you want.
  2. Click on the Place a Hold button on the right hand side of the item, then choose a location.
  3. Then click Confirm Hold.

When the item becomes available we will send an SMS, email, or letter depending on how you chose to be notified.

All items may be borrowed for two weeks (14 days).

Provided there are no other people waiting for items you have loaned out, you may renew your loans up to three times.

Twenty (20) physical items may be borrowed at any one time.

eBooks will have different borrowing amounts, loan periods and renewal options, depending on the supplier.

You can renew an item up to 3 times as long as there are no requests on it.

Each time you renew an item, it will renew for another 2 weeks.

Once your requested item arrives at the pick up branch you have 11 days to collect it.

If you are unable to pick up the item within the 11 days and don't want to miss out on your holds please check with library staff if it can be extended.

Please bring your receipt for a refund within 6 months of payment.

If you cannot find an item you have borrowed, make sure you check thoroughly around your home. Let library staff know as soon as possible if you are unable to locate the item.  If the item cannot be found, you may be required to pay the replacement cost for the item.

You can return items you have borrowed at one of our libraries to any of our nine library locations.

Interlibrary Loan

Staff will contact you by phone, email, or a message in your My Account.

Please contact staff at one of our branches.

Loan periods and renewals are set by the library which lends us the item. Items must be returned by the due date to avoid your membership being suspended.

Some items will only be available to use in the library and cannot be borrowed. We will let you know of any restrictions.

We try to source items without a charge. A fee of $16.50 may apply if the item is only available from a library which charges us a fee. These will generally be University or interstate State Libraries.

We will check for availability of the item and if a fee is required will need your siganature or emailed permission to agree to the fee before we can process the request.

The fee is payable when the item is supplied, and applies even if the item is not collected.

Books, articles, and non book items. CDs can be requested but their availability from other libraries is limited.

The following are not available through interlibrary loan:

  • DVDs
  • Items less than two years old
  • Items already held by us
  • Some items in other libraries are not available for loan

If you damage, lose, or don't return an item, you will need to pay its replacement cost.

An interlibrary loan is a loan for an item we obtain on your behalf from another library outside of Logan City Council. This provides you with a wider range of choice, and you do not need to be a member of the library we obtain the item from.


The amount of time to receive your loan will depend on the library we request it from, and the item's current availability.

Library Card

Report lost or stolen library cards by contacting your local library.

A replacement card will cost $2.50.

Your card should not be used by other people, whether it be for checking out items, accessing library internet and/or electronic resources.

If your library card is being used by another person inappropriately, staff may restrict your card.

My Account

You can change your email address in your Account in the Personal Information section.

To update other information, pop into a library with your library card and ID and we will update that for you.

Please contact Logan City Council Libraries if you do not know your PIN.

The catalogue is a worldwide system where you are able to see people's reviews and recommendations on items from around the world. As a once off you will need to create a username that others can see so they do not see your library barcode.

You can always log in with your library card and pin number so you never have to remember your user name, unless of course you would like to.