We offer a free home delivery service for members who because of illness or disability, cannot travel to a library. To discuss eligibility phone 3412 4147 or visit the Home Library Services page for more information.

Yes. All libraries have a designated computer with high contrast keyboard and a large trackball mouse.

There is also an Accessibility Centre at Logan North library and a Sensory Space for children at Marsden library.

Our libraries have parking for the disabled, wheelchair access, and offer accessible toilets. We also have wheeled walking aids within some libraries.

We welcome visitors of all ages to the new-look Accessibility Centre at Logan North Library. If you or your loved one or client is living with a disability, why not pop in? Our centre may assist with overcoming barriers to learning.

Discover new assistive technology and adaptive equipment. Find out about this sensory-friendly learning environment. We are open during library hours and use of this space is free.

How can we help?

Talk with us to find out how the Accessibility Centre may support you. Please phone 3412 4143 or email

An interactive area called the Sensory Space is located at Marsden Library. It helps children to explore and learn using technology and sensory experiences.

For further information, please visit the Accessibility web page.