3D Printing

Library Computers

Printing and Copying

Safe Internet Use



Computers and Technology

Yes, log on to MyPrint and click add value to add funds.

Yes. You can both send and receive faxes. The cost to send a fax is $2 per page.

No. You must agree to the Internet Use Agreement prior to use and are responsible for accessing appropriate content whilst using the library computers.

Yes. Internet access is available on the library computers, or your own device onsite via the library wifi.

3D Printing

No. Removal of rafts, clean up of print jobs, assembly of parts etc will be your  responsibility. Some tutorials on how to remove rafts are available from our 3D printing page.

Staff will advise on approximate wait times. Your print will be placed in a queue and times will depend on printing demand and colour runs.

3D printing is charged at 18c per gram as estimated by Slic3r software. Specialty colours may be charged at an additional rate.

Library Computers

No. The computers are free to use, though printing does attract a charge.

You can reserve a computer anytime via our online booking system. Greenbank and Logan Village branch computers will need to be booked via telephone.

If computers are available when you visit the branch, you may be able to use one immediately.

No. Once you end your session the computer will automatically power off and restart. The restart will wipe anything saved to the computer during your use.

Printing and Copying

Yes. USBs can be accessed from the library computers for printing from and saving to.

Yes, log into MyPrint to print from your device.

Yes, you can upload or email to MyPrint to release your print job at our printers.

Printing and copying is charged per page:

A4/A3 B&W $0.15
A4 Colour $2.00
A3 Colour $4.00

Double sided printing/copying is counted as two pages.

Safe Internet Use

Cyberbullying is the use of technology to bully a person or group with the intent to hurt them socially, psychologically or even physically.

Cyberbullying can occur in many ways, including:

• abusive texts and emails
• hurtful messages, images or videos
• imitating others online
• excluding others online
• humiliating others online
• nasty online gossip and chat.

Right now there are many young people being cyberbullied. By reporting it, talking about it and supporting each other we can stop it.

What you can do about being bullied online is:

• talk to someone you trust straight away—like a parent, sibling, uncle/aunt, teacher or friend, or contact Kids Helpline
• don’t retaliate or respond—they might use it against you
• block the bully and change your privacy settings
• report the abuse to the service and get others to as well
• collect the evidence—keep mobile phone messages, take screen shots and print emails or social networking conversations
• do something you enjoy—catch-up with friends, listen to good music, watch a good show or chat online to people you can trust
• remember you didn’t ask for this—nobody deserves to be bullied and you will get through this.

Read more information available on the Safe Internet Use web page.


Scanning is available at the printer/copier machines at each library branch. When something is scanned, it is sent to the email address noted in your library membership record.

You can update your email in the Contact Information of your My Account area.

Scanning is free of charge and available at all library branches.

Scans are sent to the email address you have given us. If it does not turn up there, check that your email address is correct in the Contact Information of your My Account area.

If you still can't locate it, ask staff for assistance.


Yes, but we assume no responsibility for personal equipment plugged into our electrical outlets.

No. Only one device per membership card can be used at a time.  You may however use your library card to log onto a library computer and your own device at the same time.

Make sure WiFi is enabled on your device. Select the library's network (named LCCLibrary).

If you are not redirected to our WiFi welcome page, open your web browser eg. (Internet explorer, Chrome, Safari etc).

After agreeing to our Terms and Conditions, sign in with your library card number (do not input the 15/ if your barcode contains this) and your pin number.

Please consult staff if further assistance is required.

The WiFi service is free and open.
We do not recommend using the service for confidential transactions.
You are responsible for the security of your computer and your data. It is advisable to have an up to date virus checker.

There is no download limit as such, but the WiFi is speed limited.

Please contact Logan City Council Libraries if you do not know your PIN.