We have two Prusa i3 MK2S printers available for use by library members. Our printers use PLA Filament and a variety of colours are available to choose from. If you are new to 3D printing, here is an 3D printing overview.

What to Print?

Thingiverse and Printables have a large catalogue of objects to help you get started.

How to Print?

Submit your 3D print using the form below and library staff will print your object for you.

When you pick up your completed 3D object, you may need to do some clean-up. This includes removing extra pieces called 'rafts'. Rafts keep your 3D object stable during the printing process. See below for useful tips and tricks on clean-up and raft removal:

Printing will begin after payment has been received. To make a payment, please use the credit on your library card or pay in person at the Logan Hyperdome library. We do not provide refunds for printing defects.
Submit a 3D Print