Conditions of Use for Logan City Council Library Meeting Rooms

Logan City Council Libraries welcomes community use of its meeting rooms.

Meeting rooms are available to provide suitable spaces for the delivery of library and Council activities. When not required for library or Council use, library meeting rooms can be used free of charge by community groups and small businesses located or operating in the City of Logan.

To be eligible to use a Logan Library meeting room the booking request must meet at least one of the following criteria:

  • Users belong to a community group operating on a not for profit basis.
  • The event/ activity undertaken in the meeting room is non-commercial, does not promote services or products for sale and does not aid or facilitate the present or future generation of business revenues.
  • Users operate or work for a small business in the City of Logan and are using the meeting room for non-revenue raising purposes (i.e. business meetings, business development or for coworking).
  • The use of the meeting room complements the outcomes of the Library Learning and Discovery Strategy.
  • Users are providing community benefit training activities on a cost-recovery basis (i.e. first aid training).
Logan Library meeting rooms are in high demand across the City. To provide equitable access to as many groups/ organisations as possible the following conditions apply for all meeting room users:

  • Reservations for an individual organisation shall not exceed two meetings per month and can be reserved for a period of up to six months in advance.
    Please note
    : Additional bookings can be scheduled two months before the current booking expires. To book additional meetings, the contact person for the group or organisation should approach staff between the fourth and sixth month of the current booking to reserve the meeting room for their next six-month period.
  • Preference will not be given to any single group or organisation. Bookings will be allocated to ensure fairness to the numerous groups, organisations and small businesses in the community. This may result in Logan Libraries being unable to provide the frequency of bookings to one particular group.
Library meeting room booking enquiries can be via phone or in person.

The process for applying for a Library meeting room is:

  • Contact your local library by phone or in person.
  • Library staff will discuss your needs and advise of meeting room availability.
  • The meeting room organiser will receive a Logan Libraries Meeting Room Booking form via email that must be completed and emailed back to Logan Libraries.
  • Upon receipt of this form, the meeting room request will be reviewed and, if approved, an email confirmation will be sent to the meeting room organiser.
Upon arrival, the meeting room organisers must check-in with library staff.

Use of Equipment:
Meeting room users may use the equipment in the meeting room. Any equipment used, including furniture, must be returned to its original position at the end of the booking.

Users are solely responsible for the organisation, delivery, and removal etc. of any of their own equipment or furniture they may require.

Logan Libraries cannot store equipment on site for meeting room users. Any equipment that belongs to the group must be brought into the meeting room for each booking and removed at the end of each booking.

During COVID restrictions there is no access to tea/ coffee making facilities in library meeting rooms. Users may bring in bottled water and/or takeaway tea/ coffee.

The serving of food is discouraged during meeting room bookings. If food must be provided, meeting room users are required to comply with all relevant food handling regulations and COVID-safety measures.

Cleaning and vacating the meeting room:
Users are responsible for leaving meeting rooms in good order after use.
This includes:

  • returning all tables and chairs to the original setup
  • cleaning commonly touched surfaces (tables, chairs, door handles, light switches etc.) and equipment
  • removing rubbish
  • reporting any spills immediately to library staff
  • removal of all personal effects
  • turning off lights

At the end of the booking, the organisers should advise library staff that they have finished their booking. Unless otherwise arranged, users must vacate the meeting room at least 15 minutes prior to closing time.

Logan City Council Libraries is committed to working alongside the community to ensure the health, safety and wellbeing of everyone.
All meeting room participants are encouraged to follow any relevant guidelines including physical distancing, hand hygiene and following all directions by library staff.
For the safety of library staff and other participants, please do not attend this session if you are unwell.

Cancellations should be made at least 48 hours prior to the established booking time by telephone or in person.

If Logan City Council Libraries requires the meeting room, Logan Libraries reserves the right to cancel any meeting room bookings. The Library will give reasonable notice of the cancellation and will attempt to reschedule the booking where possible.

In the event of an incident of community transmission of COVID-19 in Queensland, all current and future meeting room bookings will be reviewed and cancelled if required. In this situation, Logan Libraries may not be able to provide the standard period of notice for a meeting room cancellation.

Meeting Room availability and capacity

Library Room availability and capacity
Beenleigh Meeting Room 1 :
Classroom setup (no tables) max. 10
Workshop setup (with tables) max. 6
Meeting Room 2 :
Workshop setup (with tables) max. 6
Logan Central The Lounge :
Classroom setup (no tables) : max. 20
Workshop setup (with tables) : max. 12
The Media Room : (Not available)
The Study : (Not available)
Logan Hyperdome


Meeting Room 1 :
Classroom setup (no tables) : max. 7
Workshop setup (with tables) : max. 7
Meeting Room 2 :
Classroom setup (no tables) : max. 9
Workshop setup (with tables) : max. 9
Meeting Room 1 & 2 combined :
Classroom setup (no tables) : max. 16
Workshop setup (with tables) : max. 16
Logan North Meeting Room :
Classroom setup (no tables) max. 18
Workshop setup (with tables) max. 10
Community Workspace : (Not available)
Logan West Meeting Room 1 :
Classroom setup (no tables) max. 25
Workshop setup (with tables) max. 16
Meeting Room 2 : (Not available)
Marsden Meeting Room 1 :
Classroom setup (no tables) max. 15
Workshop setup (with tables) max. 8
Meeting Room 2 :
Classroom setup (no tables) max. 15
Workshop setup (with tables) max. 8