RBdigital Audiobooks


Yes. The no internet membership applies only to using the Public Internet Computers and WIFI at your local library.

You are welcome to use the WiFi at any Logan City Council Library branch to download eBooks or e Audiobooks to your own device.

You are not able to download ebooks or eAudiobooks onto public computers at any library branch due to licence restrictions.

If your eReader can install and run Adobe Digital Editions you can download books directly.

For other devices that can’t get Adobe Digital Editions, then you will have to download books to Adobe Digital Editions on a computer first and then transfer the eBook to the eReader from there.

For all Apple and Android users you can use the app on your device.

This is the model publishers negotiated with many eBook vendors so that libraries could provide access to eBooks. As a result, borrowing eBooks in OverDrive or BorrowBox is similar to checking out physical books – one copy at a time per patron. If another patron has already checked out an eBook, you may put a hold on it.

Check Adobe’s List of devices that are supported by clicking on this link.

If the device is not mentioned here then it is likely that Adobe Digital Editions doesn’t work with that device.


No. The BorrowBox app only accepts one library at a time.

Yes - Kindle Fire only, which is based on an Android operating system. Please follow these instructions to install the BorrowBox app on your Kindle Fire.

Yes - provided you download Adobe Digital Editions to your computer first then transfer by connecting your eReader to your computer.

No All files are deleted automatically at the end of the loan period.

No. Your loans and holds are hosted at Bolinda. To get access to them again, just reinstall the app or log into BorrowBox through the library website.

You can download the BorrowBox app to the following devices:

  • iPad
  • iPhone
  • iPod Touch
  • Android smart phones and tablets
  • Kindle Fire

The loan has expired, so the app has deleted it.

You can clear the data or just delete the app and download it again. This will clear any problems with the app or the files.

To clear data on an Android device:

  • Open Settings
  • Select Apps
  • Find BorrowBox and tap to Open
  • Tap Force Stop then tap Clear Data
  • Exit and reopen BorrowBox (you will have to re-enter the Library Service and User login details).

To clear data on an Apple device:

  • Open BorrowBox, at the bottom select Settings
  • Select Account Details, then press Reset
  • All downloads will be lost and you will be required to login again.


Yes. All audiobooks can be burned to a CD.

You can download a title multiple times, however there's a limit to how many times you can select the Download button for a title before you reach the download limit for that lending period. If you have reached this limit contact your library for further help.

Yes. If you want to download the same eBooks to the OverDrive app on multiple devices, always authorise (or sign into) the app with the same Adobe ID.

If you want to download the same eBooks to both the OverDrive app and Adobe Digital Editions (ADE) on a computer, you'll need to authorise ADE and the app with the same Adobe ID.

If you have a Kindle Fire, which is based on an Android operating system, you can download the OverDrive Libby app and borrow straight to your Fire.

If you have a Kindle device that does not allow you to download apps you may still be able to transfer titles using Adobe Digital Editions - please follow the instructions for getting started with eReaders.

The 'Read now with Kindle' feature is only available in the US currently.

If you have an eReader that enables downloading apps you can download the Overdrive Libby app and borrow straight to your eReader.

If you have an eReader that does not support external apps you may be able to transfer Overdrive titles to your device using Adobe Digital Editions. Please follow the instructions at Getting Started with eReaders.

  1. Sign in to your account.
  2. Click the Holds link.
  3. Click the Options button.
  4. Select the Remove Hold option.

OverDrive websites require cookies for better performance and functionality. By default most browsers are set to enable cookies.

If there is an error message telling you to enable cookies on your mobile device here's how to enable cookies on your mobile device.

If there is an error message telling you to enable cookies while browsing an OverDrive site, here's how to enable cookies on your computer.


All digital titles are automatically returned to your library at the end of their lending periods. If you'd like to return a title early to make space in your library account, please refer to the OverDrive help page for detailed instructions.


  1. Sign into your account
  2. Click the Holds link
  3. Click the Options button
  4. Select the Suspend Holds button

You have 3 days to checkout a hold.

The OverDrive for Windows desktop app burns borrowed audiobooks as “audio CD’s”. If you manually burn an audiobook outside the OverDrive app then you will need a player or computer compatible with MP3 discs.

If you are having trouble listening to a burned CD check to see if your player plays CD-R discs. If you used a CD-RW disc then try re burning it on a CD-R disc. Some players have trouble with CD-RWs.

OverDrive Read - Read in your browser while you are connected to the internet. No software is required. Reading progress is stored in the cloud so no matter what device you are on you can pick up again where you left off.

OverDrive Read–along - These have professional narration to accompany them.

EPUB - Open EPUB eBooks are compatible with more devices and apps as they do not need you to authorize your computer or app.
Adobe EPUB eBooks need you to authorize your computer or device with an Adobe ID or with an OverDrive account before you can read them.

PDF - Open PDF eBooks are compatible with more devices and applications.

OverDrive Listen - These play in your web browser. No software is required. Listening progress is stored in the cloud so no matter what device you are on you can pick up again where you left off.

OverDrive MP3 - You can download an MP3 audiobook using any version of the OverDrive app. If your device is not compatible with the OverDrive app (for example, an iPod shuffle or MP3 player), you can transfer MP3 audiobooks from a Windows or Mac computer to your device using OverDrive for Windows or Mac.

Streaming video - Play through the app or in your web browser.

Streaming video will work on most computers as long as you have Adobe Flash Player and an up to date browser.

For the app you will need v3.1 or newer.

Streaming videos especially can use a lot of data so using a WiFi connection is recommended.

With automatic check out you will be emailed to say that the checkout could not be completed. You may need to return an item you have checked out, or wait for one of the checked out books to expire.

If you have disabled the automatic checkout then you may need to check the hold out manually after returning an item or waiting for it to expire.

If you'd like a hold to be automatically borrowed for you when it becomes available, follow the steps below:

  1. Select Place a Hold to place an unavailable title on hold.
  2. On the page that opens, make sure that "Automatically borrow this title when it becomes available" is selected.

You can turn automatic borrowing on or off for most titles you've placed on hold by visiting your Holds page and selecting the word On or Off next to "Auto checkout."

You will receive an email each time a hold is automatically borrowed for you.

Unfortunately, PDF eBooks are not supported by the OverDrive app. If you've borrowed a PDF eBook from OverDrive, you can download it to the free Adobe Digital Editions software on a Windows or Mac computer, then transfer it to a compatible eReader.

When you sign up for an OverDrive account, OverDrive will send you a verification email with a link in it. Simply click the link and your account will automatically be verified. This process is important for privacy and security and so you maintain control of your account.

RBdigital Audiobooks

Titles will be removed from your computer when the title reaches expiration or is returned by the patron.

No you can’t use them concurrently but you can switch between 2 or more by going to settings > profiles. Once there you can check Use this Profile for the library you want to use. Only one can be used at a time, though it’s fairly easy to switch between.

Note: you have to load additional libraries yourself by clicking on Add Profile under Profiles.

An iOS app is available for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch through the App Store. An account with Logan Libraries' RBdigital website.

An application for Kindle Fire for audiobooks is available through the Amazon App Store. An account with Logan Libraries' RBdigital website and an Amazon account are required to access the application and use the service.

An application for Android devices with Android operating system 2.2 Froyo or later is now available in the Google Play store. An account with Logan's RBdigital website.

Yes, you will need a to have a Logan City Council Library card issued to you in order to use RBdigital.

Our recommendation is to create an account on your first visit to RBdigital. Select the “Register” link in the upper right-hand side of the screen. Fill in the account verification information requested. Passwords must be at least 4 characters long and can contain both numbers and letters. Passwords are case sensitive, usernames are not.

The titles you have previously checked out can be found on ‘My Title’ page under the ‘History” section which will show you the last 4 titles. To see your entire History click the ‘View all” link for the far right of the ‘History’ line.

To Rate a title go to the ‘My Title’ page and look under ‘History’. Titles will have 5 gray stars under the image, click on the star for the rating you would like to assign it.

Once your checked out title is displayed in the RBdigital Media Manager, you can click on the “Download and Transfer” button to download the title to your computer and then onto your device. If your title has already been downloaded onto your computer, you can transfer to a supported device by clicking on the “Transfer” button.

You will receive a message when the transfer is complete.

RBdigital can be used on as many computers as you would like, but titles downloaded to specific computers stay on that PC. A title can be downloaded multiple times but only transferred to two different devices.

You can check out up to 20 titles at one time, for a max number of 21 days.

This will be dependent on the length of the title. For example, a title with a duration of 18 hours is approximately .25 GB.

An abridgment is a shortened version of the original title. In other words, content has been removed. Unabridged titles have not been shortened. A majority of titles available through RBdigital are unabridged.

The RBdigital Media Manager is the easiest way to download, transfer, and manage audio titles on your computer. Using the Media Manager will require a one-time program installation; instructions are in the Help / eAudio / Tutorial section.

Once you have installed the Media Manager onto your computer, simply double click the Media Manager icon on your desktop. Log into the Media Manager using your RBdigital username and password.

Your checked out titles are displayed on the “My Titles” page under “Checked Out”. If you do not see all your titles, click the “See More” in the far right of the “Checked Out” line.

Due to Microsoft's decision to no longer support DRM encryption, protected RBdigital titles can no longer be transferred from the RBdigital Media Manager. This affects WMA devices such as Sansa, Zen, and Sony Walkman. You can still listen to protected titles in the RBdigital Media Manager, stream the titles from your library’s RBdigital website, or listen to the title with one of the RBdigital mobile apps on Apple, Android, or Kindle Fire devices.

Yes, however there may be some loss of functionality if controls or information overflows the display.