1. Library meeting rooms may be used for any of the following purposes:
    1. Library activities;
    2. Activities organised by local Logan community groups for a not for profit basis;
    3. Activities organised by local Logan businesses (eg. business meetings, business development and coworking opportunities) on a not for profit basis;
    4. Community benefit training activates on a cost-recovery basis. (eg. Red Cross training where the participants are changed).
  2. When meeting rooms are not required for library purposes, they are available to community and cultural organisations and small business operating in Logan City who do not have access to other meeting room facilities.
    1. Priority will always be given to library activities, but when not in use, the meeting room may be booked.
    2. Local community groups and small businesses operating within the City of Logan will be given the same preference on meeting room bookings.
  3. The meeting rooms are available free of charge. No charges for attendance at meetings held in the rooms are to be levied by the users.
  4. There is to be no sale without permission. The user is not to hold or permit to be held any sale or auction in the meeting room.
  5. Regular and ongoing booking may be made by organisations on a yearly basis.
  6. Cancellations should be made at least 48 hours prior to the established booking time by telephone or in person.
  7. If the library requires the meeting room, any such prior bookings will be cancelled. The Library will give reasonable notice of the cancellation when possible.
  8. Access is restricted to library opening hours only. The meeting room must be vacated 15 minutes prior to library closing time.
  9. On-site parking may not be available during peak periods.
  10. Bookings are to be made through library staff and will be recorded online.
  11. Bookings for meeting rooms made through Logan City Council Libraries’ booking system require written acceptance of the meeting room conditions of use. An electronic copy of these conditions are sent to the user/ organisation. The users’s/ organisation’s reply is automatically sent to the library branch email.
  12. No bookings will be confirmed until compliance with this policy is acknowledged.
  13. Whenever practicable, all meeting room users will be members of Logan City Council Libraries.
  14. The meeting room is to be left in a clean and tidy state at the end of each booking. Furniture and equipment are to be put back in their original positions. All sinks, bench tops and cups and saucers are to be washed and put away. Rubbish is to be deposited in the bins provided.
  15. Library staff may carry out an inspection of the meeting room before and after use.
  16. Council libraries are smoke free environments.
  17. Council libraries are alcohol free environments.
  18. The user is to exercise all reasonable care when using the meeting room and its items and facilities. No items are to be attached or affixed in any manner to the walls, doors, ceiling, equipment or furniture.
  19. The user is to accept full responsibility for any damage to the meeting room, its fittings, furniture and/or equipment during each booking, whether or not the damage is caused by the user, the user’s invitees, and regardless of whether the damage is sustained without the user’s knowledge.
  20. The user accepts all liability for any claims, damages, loss or bodily injury to the user or any other person in or about the premises due to any breach by the user/s of any of the provisions hereof or by reason of any act of negligence by the user or by any guest or invitee of the user.
  21. No responsibility is accepted by the Library for any loss or damage of items left by the user or by any guest or invitee of the user.
  22. All users are not to void insurance – not to create nor suffer to be done anything that might render void or voidable or otherwise prejudice any insurance on the property or any part thereof or whereby any premiums in respect thereof might be increased.
  23. The user is to ensure there is no excessive noise coming from the meeting room, nor any disturbance caused to library patrons.
  24. All users of the meeting room will adhere to the behaviour charter for members (Library membership booklet, Member responsibilities- p5) and comply with any directions or requests made by library staff or other authorised personnel.
  25. In the case of an emergency in the Library, all members of the public come under the control of the Fire Warden and must comply with any given direction.

The Libraries and Creative Industries Manager or delegate has the right to discontinue an agreement at any time, giving notice in writing to the user.