Rainforest Coding

A collection of adventures and activities designed to make Scratch programming easy to understand and fun to learn.


Rainforest Coding is a collection of adventures, activities and resources designed to make Scratch programming easier to understand and great fun to learn. The two adventures, Return to Crystal Rainforest and Echo Island, include linked Projects that repeat and extend the challenges found in the adventures.

There are games to play, projects to remix and lots of sound, graphic and animation allowing children to gain the confidence to use Scratch independently.

Return to Crystal Rainforest
This was the first adventure introducing Scratch programming from the very beginning. Scratch coding is presented in a logcial and sequential manner, allowing children to gain the confidence to use Scratch independently.

Echo Island
Echo Island is the second adventure that reinforces and extends Scratch programming techniques found in Return to Crystal Rainforest. Scratch coding structures include variables, sensing, if statements and & operators, cloning and broadcasts.

Linked Scratch Projects
The adventures are divided ito several parts, ideal for lesson planning. At the end of each section is a collection of linked projects. These allow students to repeat and extend the actual challenges found in the adventure with real Scratch blocks.


  • Introduces Scratch from the very beginning in a logical and sequencial manner
  • Includes advanced Scratch coding techniques such as define blocks, conditional statements, cloning and variables
  • Twenty two interactive puzzles, games and challenges make learning Scratch great fun
  • An exciting adventure story with lots of robots!
  • Animated and interactive tutorials and instructions enable all students to understand Scratch coding techniques
  • New debugging challenges reinforce students Scratch coding understanding

  1. Access Rainforest Coding and enter your library card barcode and PIN numbers when prompted.
  2. On the landing page, click on the Log in button (middle of the screen).
  3. The next screen will have a START button for you to click on, to begin your Echo Island adventure!