Find your perfect career and write a winning resume with MyCareerMatch. Discover your strengths and talents, boost your self awareness of the things you’re good at, and strengthen your resume.

If you’re not sure what career is best for you, MyCareerMatch  matches your personality strengths to suggested careers for you to consider.

If you’re looking for a new job, you’ll probably need a new resume. The step-by-step MyResume Guide, resume templates, eBook and Online Resume Builder will help you write an outstanding resume!

MyCareerMatch is easy to use and 15 minutes is all it takes to complete the short online survey. Based on your answers you will receive a personalised Career Report, Resume Guide and Online Resume Builder.

How it works:

  1. Details: You will be asked to provide your name, membership number and email address.
  2. Survey: It’s easy! 15 minutes is all it takes to complete the short survey. Each group consists of four statements and you simply choose ONE that is MOST like you and ONE that is LEAST like you.
  3. Report: Choose either the MyCareerMatch report or the MyResume report. Reports are sent by email immediately on completion.

  • Choose from 2 reports:
  • An 8 page Career Report that includes:
    • Information about how to choose a career that’s right for you
    • A personality analysis and summary of your strengths
    • A list of over 50 jobs that match who you are
    • Live links to MyFuture website to research each job listed
    • Work-related strengths and ideal work environment
    • The qualities you would bring to the job
  • A 14 page Resume Guide that includes:
    • A winning resume template
    • How to target your resume using key words
    • How to highlight your key accomplishments and achievements
    • How to read the job ad and write a ‘stand out’ cover letter
    • How to use social media to build your career brand online
    • A resume checklist
  • Access to build an online resume with MyResume Builder. Promote and market yourself in today’s web-based job market.
  • Careers in Technology: Our Digital Careers report is included in your MyCareerMatch report. It matches personality to technology careers and was developed in collaboration with CSIRO.
  • Career Success Academy: This program has 26 lessons to choose from. Each one designed to motivate and create a positive mindset required to find a job. Access code is included in the MyCareerMatch report.

  1. Connect with MyCareerMatch and enter your library card and PIN/Password when prompted to do so.
  2. From the MyCareerMatch landing page, click on Click to Start.
  3. Read through the quick tips and then click Next Step.
  4. Enter your personal details then click Start Survey.
  5. Complete the Profile Questionnaire. When finished choose either the MyCareerMatch or MyResume report. You will then receive an email with your personalised report attached.