Carter's Price Guide to Antiques

Find information on art antiquities, antiques, collectables, retro, vintage and 20th century design, including prices on items from 1500 BC to the present day, with a price range of $5 to over one million dollars.


Carter's Publications have been publishing price guides on art antiquities, antiques, collectables, retro, vintage and 20th century design for 28 years.

The last printed price guides were produced in 2010 and from that year Carter's Price Guide moved to digital publishing on the internet.

To keep the online price guide current and relevant, Carter's are constantly adding fresh items, and removing the older items. In addition, this online version is fully indexed to enable you to quickly locate the type of items you are seeking prices on.


  • Search by category/subcategory or searched keyword with the facility to further refine your search, making it easy to drill down to the item you're seeking.
  • All antiques and collectables in this database include a professionally photographed image, and have been sourced from actual auction sales in Australia and New Zealand.
  • Access an A-Z listing of contributors.

Access the Carter's Price Guide tipsheet here

  1. Connect with Carter's Price Guide to Antiques and enter your library card and PIN number when prompted.
  2. From the landing page, you can instantly access items by searching for them or browse by category.
  3. Under the LEARN hyperlink, access information that will aid you in learning about antiques and collectables.

For detailed assistance, please access Carter's Help section.