Aussie Driver

Aussie Driver provides free driver licence practice tests to help you pass the Queensland driver's tests.

Aussie Driver offers free driving practice tests based on Queensland's official driver manual.  Aussie Driver’s specialised practice exams turn new drivers into safer drivers.


  • 3 learner's practice tests
  • 1 Exam Simulator
  • 3 online driver handbooks (car, motorcycle, heavy vehicle)
  • A FAQ section with detailed answers to over 100 questions to help get your driver or learner licence.

Connect with Aussie Driver and enter your Library barcode and PIN when prompted.

Choose one of the QLD Learner's Practice tests, or read the the Driver's Handbooks. Once you feel ready try out the QLD test simulator! You can also browse through the FAQ's designed to answer all your questions about the learner's and driver's tests.