Want to start your own book club?

Want to start a book club with friends but don't know where to start?
Logan City Council Libraries have put together some handy tips and hints to get you started.

Choose where to host your virtual book club. There are plenty of options out there for you to choose from. Decide which platform suits your group. We have included some handy tip sheets for Zoom [PDF 214KB], Skype [PDF 115KB] and Discord [PDF 548KB].

Please note: these are popular services to use, but Logan City Council Libraries does not endorse any particular platform or vouch for its suitability or security. Please check the platform site for these details.
Choose dates and times for your book club to meet. Most book clubs meet monthly. That gives everyone in your group a chance to read the book. Deciding on the day and time of your meeting is crucial. You need to choose that day/time which will suit all your members.
The next step in setting up a book club is to choose what you are going to read! The most common practice amongst book clubs is for everyone to read the same book.

Logan City Council Libraries offer access to eBooks which the whole book club can read at the same time.

There are other options. Some clubs all read a different title by the same author. Others read a book in the same genre and then discuss. If you would like to do that, find these by searching by author or genre from our other eBook and eAudiobook offerings.

Helping you choose
It can be hard to choose which book to read... We offer you free access to NoveList Plus, it has custom book discussion guides from expert Reading Advisors. Hundreds of choices, from literary fiction to fantasy and all points in-between. Each guide includes:

  • A concise summary to bring discussion leaders up to speed quickly (or help readers decide if the book is right for them).
  • Hand-picked read-alikes from Reading Advisory experts.
  • Engaging discussion starters with notes for discussion leaders.

We can also provide personalised assistance to help you find exactly what you are after. Perfect for all ages, our Loan Rangers team can recommend a range of eBooks and eAudiobooks for you to enjoy.

Here are a few handy tips and tricks to keep your meeting running:

  • Begin the discussion at the scheduled time.
  • Take time to make introductions.
  • During your first meeting you will want to establish some ground rules. Some examples are:
    • You don't need to read the book if you are not enjoying it.
    • Read at least 50 pages before you give up on a title.
    • Be prepared to let everyone know why you didn’t like the book.
    • Ask members to press mute when they are not speaking. This helps them hear each other.
    • Let the group know that you will moderate the meeting and invite members to speak.
    • Do you need a non-verbal signal for members to use when they would like to speak? For example, raise your hand.
  • To start the meeting, ask each member what they thought of the book. This makes sure that everyone gets a chance to say something during the meeting. This can sometimes lead to side discussions and chats. It is important that you return to the opening discussion.
  • Encourage a general discussion about the book. If no one has anything else to say, some general discussion questions [PDF 46.2KB] can be useful.
  • Keep an eye out for anyone who is left out of the conversation and try to engage them.
  • To finish the meeting, ask about other books your members have read that month. This gives your members other reading suggestions.
Thank everyone for their contributions to the meeting. Remind your members about:

  • Date and time for the next meeting
  • Title of the next book you are discussing
  • How to contact you in between meetings