Gale Newspaper Collection

Explore over 400 years of newspaper content. Includes British Newspaper collections from centuries ago. This resource is great for family history researchers.

Gale Newspaper Collection explores a range of historical newspaper and magazine collections. Search or browse across several newspaper collections. Get access to millions of digitised facsimile pages, giving you a window into the past.

Collections offered by Logan Libraries:

  • The Daily Mail Historical Archive: 1896-2004
  • British Library Newspapers, Part I: 1800-1900
  • British Library Newspapers, Part II: 1800-1900
  • British Library Newspapers, Part III: 1741-1950
  • British Library Newspapers, Part IV: 1732-1950
  • British Library Newspapers, Part V: 1746-1950
  • British Library Newspapers, Part VI: Irish Newspapers, 1766-1922
  • The Telegraph Archive: 1855-2016

British Library Newspapers includes:

  • English regional newspapers (BLN Parts I-V)
  • Home-country newspapers from Scotland, Northern Ireland, and Wales (BLN Part V)
  • London national newspapers (BLN Part I)
  • Ireland national and regional newspapers (BLN Parts I,V,VI)


  • Browse newspapers by title, date and by place of publication.
  • Full text searching with highlighted search terms.
  • Read newspapers as they were published, from quality scans in an image viewer with magnification and highlighting.
  • Easily access other newspapers for the same day.

  • Connect with the Gale Newspaper Collection directly and enter in your library barcode and PIN/Password when prompted.
  • Visit the Learning Centre - click on the newspaper archive of your choice, then click on Learning Centre in the top right corner. Here you will find lots of information about using the archive as well as handy search tips.
  • Or, view the tutorial to get started: Gale Primary Sources: Start at the Source.