Busy Code

Busy Code introduces kids (6-13) to coding. They will learn fundamentals of how to create, run and debug simple programs. In other words, they can have lots of fun making Busy Things' Beard Man walk and dance!


Busy Code is comprised of Code Disco and Beard Man's Adventures. It caters for kids from 6-13 years.

Code Disco is a great way for children to learn coding basics through to repeat loops, conditionals, events and variables. The programs are built by linking simple blocks together, with an easy to use drag and drop feature.

Beard Man's Adventures features adventures with over 45 levels. In each level children must write code to direct Beard Man through a series of chambers, avoiding hazards such as trap doors and lava pits. To complete a level, children must help Beard Man solve a puzzle to open a treasure chest, and then escape a final chamber before the gate closes! Busy Code is a lead into Scratch – the widely used programming platform for older children in secondary school and beyond.


Tutorials – simple and fun - introducing new programming concepts step by step.
Challenges – children are given problems to solve using the concepts that have been introduced in the tutorials.
Projects – open-ended tasks that let children experiment with the concepts they have learnt. Allowing them to be creative and see how the changes they make can alter the program.

  1. Connect with BusyCode and enter your library card and PIN number when prompted.
  2. From the login page, select either Code Disco or Beard Man's Adventures. Then choose an activity, make your way through the tutorials on to the 'Adventures' or 'Challenges' and 'Projects'.
  3. Click on the User Guides for help.

Watch the BusyCode libraries video for more information.