In this online class you will learn about near-future collaborative robots (Cobots) and how to create Code for the BBC micro:bit (a small micro-controller) as a way for students to get the skills needed for success. We will also examine the Design Thinking model. No prior skills needed, if you are new to Coding or have recently started with Coding then this class is for you. For ages 8 and over.

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eLibrary 22/09/2021 9:00am 22/09/2021 4:00pm Book Now
eLibrary 24/09/2021 9:00am 24/09/2021 4:00pm Book Now
eLibrary 25/09/2021 9:00am 25/09/2021 4:00pm Book Now
eLibrary 27/09/2021 9:00am 27/09/2021 4:00pm Book Now
eLibrary 28/09/2021 9:00am 28/09/2021 4:00pm Book Now