Explore and discover robots, art, craft, coding and much, much more. Enjoy free fun activities for children aged 5 to 11 years. A parent or caregiver should attend for the duration of the session.
Bookings are suggested. Where an event has not been fully booked, walk-ins may be permitted.

Not a library member? If you are a Logan resident, join online now.

We ask you to please stay at home on the day of the event/session if you are unwell.

Children to be accompanied by a parent and/or carer.

Location Start Finish Subtitle
Jimboomba Library 13/06/2023 3:15pm 13/06/2023 4:00pm Book Now
Logan North Library 13/06/2023 3:30pm 13/06/2023 4:30pm Please book online or call 3541 6100 Book Now
Logan West Library 13/06/2023 4:00pm 13/06/2023 5:00pm How To Book
Logan Village Library 15/06/2023 3:15pm 15/06/2023 4:00pm Book Now
Jimboomba Library 20/06/2023 3:15pm 20/06/2023 4:00pm Book Now
Greenbank Library 21/06/2023 3:15pm 21/06/2023 4:15pm Book Now
Logan Village Library 22/06/2023 3:15pm 22/06/2023 4:00pm Book Now
Jimboomba Library 27/06/2023 3:15pm 27/06/2023 4:00pm Book Now
Logan Village Library 29/06/2023 3:15pm 29/06/2023 4:00pm Book Now
Jimboomba Library 04/07/2023 3:15pm 04/07/2023 4:00pm Book Now