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Join award winning author, musician and storyteller, Gregg Dreise in an engaging musical and storytelling session. Did you know a digeridoo can say digeridoo? For ages 3 to 10 years. Read more
Join artist, author and song writer Gregg Dreise for school holiday fun. Read more
Join author, artist and song writer Gregg Dreise in a virtual session on drawing characters to create backgrounds in illustrations. For ages 7 to 12. Read more
Create your own story board for picture book illustrations with artist, author and song writer Gregg Dreise. For ages 7 and over. Read more
Register for this activity and visit your library for your free craft kit. Collect your kit anytime during the school holidays Mon 19 Sept to Sat 3 Oct. Grow your… Read more
Spark your children's curiosity and take home robots or science equipment. Borrow Science swags full of amazing things to explore from your local library. Take home come cute Ozobot or… Read more
Have you collected your spies and planes kit and want to learn more about using the materials and other ideas? If so join in this online virtual session to join… Read more
Ever wanted to make your own slushies using science?? Join us to explore the properties of fresh versus saltwater and the concept of solubility. We will also discuss how ocean… Read more
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Current What's On Booklet