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This book club creates an accessible, safe space for community conversations that help to raise awareness about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures and histories. This book club meets at… Read more
Are you thinking about starting a home-based business or are you already in business and need to know more? Our team of Small Business Advisors will explain the fundamentals of… Read more
Brisbane Children’s Writers Festival is a one-day event on Saturday 14 October, 9 am to 4 pm. It is jam-packed with workshops, competitions and activities for young writers aged 10… Read more
Discover our free programs for writers and creatives throughout July to October 2023. For our writers, bring your characters to life with author Kylie Chan. Learn how to navigate the… Read more
Curious about sustainability and green living? We have a range of sustainability events at Logan Libraries throughout 2023. They may change the way you see the world and live your… Read more
Composting with worms reduces household waste and helps gardens to thrive. Discover practical tips for setting up your own safe and efficient worm farm at home. Learn how to avoid… Read more
Explore your creativity through nature art journaling with artist and illustrator Megan Forward. Create your own art journal combining illustrations, painting and writing in this guided creative workshop. The tranquil… Read more
In this hands-on workshop, learn useful tips to navigate the world of being a writer with autism. Discover how to harness the positive aspects of this condition. Presented by award-winning… Read more
Celebrate Mental Health Week 7 to 15 October. Take home an activity or borrow some books to boost your health and wellbeing. Available from your local library 7 to 14… Read more