Read faster, higher, stronger in 2020! Challenge yourself with our reading list for this year. It is not a competition (unless you make it one!) but you might just discover some new books and authors.

Download our 2020 Reading Challenge bookmark or collect one at your local Logan City Council Library.

Keep track of what you read by ticking books off the list as you go.

Share your ratings and reviews on the library catalogue and we will share ours too!

thumbnail of Loan Rangers Bookmark

2020 Loan Rangers Reading Challenge

  • January

    Found on a library display

  • February

    Library setting

  • March

    Recommended read Ask a Loan Ranger, library staff or a friend

  • April

    Read a book by a local author

  • May

    Set in a different time, past or future

  • June

    Biography or non-fiction

  • July

    Read an indigenous author

  • August

    Re-read a childhood favourite

  • September

    Read an eBook or listen to an audiobook

  • October

    Read a horror or scary non-fiction story

  • November

    Read a book club title

  • December

    Differently-abled main character