Issues In English 2

Helps adults and those learning English as a second language improve literacy skills. Skills include reading, writing, vocabulary, spelling, dictation, grammar, pronunciation, listening and giving your opinion.


NOTE: You will need to install Adobe Flash Player to use this resource.

Issues in English 2 will teach you to have conversations about topical issues of high interest to teen and adult learners.

Through a range of activities, you will learn skills such as Listening, Reading, Writing, Vocabulary, Spelling, Grammar, Pronunciation and Giving Opinions.

Learn to communicate effectively in the real world!


  • Uses 32 video clips of conversations presenting an opinion or information.
  • Issues of high interest to adults (Sports, Wilderness, Fame, Media, Technology, Languages, Immigration, Education).
  • Covers four language levels from Beginner to Advanced.
  • All language learning activities are based around the content of the video clip.
  • Learners can record own voice.
  • Exercises can be printed out as worksheets. Also print test results and answer sheets for teachers.
  • Tracking Module to record and report on learners activities and progress

You will need to download Adobe Flash Player to your computer to use this resource.

  1. Connect with IssuesInEnglish 2 and enter your library card and PIN numbers when prompted.
  2. Select a level from 1 to 4. Level 1 is the easiest and level 4 is the hardest.
  3. Select an issue or topic to begin. Issues include the following categories:
    - Immigration
    - Languages
    - Media
    - Fame
    - Technology
    - Sport
    - Education
  4. Watch the video presented and work through the activities and questions using the bar on the right hand side of the screen.
  5. Note: you can toggle the video transcript on and off by clicking the 'see text' button at the bottom of the screen.