We like to keep things easy, so from 28 January 2020 we introduced a feature so that your loans will automatically renew on their due date. The library will send you an email letting you know what items have been renewed. Not all items are able to be renewed.

Here's what you need to know.

Auto Renewal FAQ

When will my item automatically renew?

Library items, eligible for renewal, will automatically renew on their due date.

What library items will automatically renew?

Physical items borrowed from the Library (books, audiobooks, music CDs, DVDs) are eligible for automatic renewal.

The following items are not eligible for auto renewal:

  • Items another customer has requested
  • Digital items such as an eBooks or eAudiobooks
  • An item that has reached its maximum number of renewals (up to three times for most items)

How will I know if my item was renewed?

Automatic renewal notifications are sent via email. To receive an email, you must include an email address in your library account. Please see library staff to update your contact details, or log into your account to update your email under My Settings.

You can check the status of your loans in the Checked Out section of your account.

If I don’t have an email address on my record, will auto renewals still occur?

Yes, you just won’t receive notification that the auto renewal occurred. To find out the new due date, you can Log In to check your account online via the library website or by phoning the library.

Why didn’t all of my items renew?

If an item you have borrowed didn’t renew it is likely the item has been requested by another customer or the item has reached its maximum number of renewals (three).

Will you notify me of any items that are overdue?

Yes, if any items become overdue you will be emailed a few days after the due date reminding you to return your library items.

Can I still renew items myself?

Yes. In addition to having auto renew in place, you will be able to renew online, by calling the library or in person as before.

Can I opt out of the auto renewal feature?

Yes, if you would prefer to manage your own renewals you can ask library staff to opt you out of auto renewals.

What will the library do to encourage others to return items?

The library still requires that our customers return items on time and in good shape so that the entire community can enjoy them. Customers with long overdue library items will be billed for the replacement cost and will be unable to borrow or renew items until resolved.

Customers will still be held responsible for the cost of any items lost or damaged.

What are the benefits of this feature?

Logan City Council Libraries is committed to making using the library as easy as possible and auto renewals removes the worry of library items going overdue.

Using auto renewal allows you to enjoy your library items for longer without the need to renew items yourself.