For the month of March, Logan North Library will be holding the ‘Me, Myselfie and I: Interactive Kids on Tour program'.


‘Me, Myselfie and I’ invites young visitors to explore representation of the self and consider different ways of creating their own portraits. This free program extends the idea of self-portraiture beyond documenting our physical appearance to create a richer understanding of how we can express aspects of our emotions, personality, memories and experiences. These activities are specially designed for children and families.

This project is supported by Gina Fairfax through the Queensland Art Gallery | Gallery of Modern Art Foundation. Presented in association with the ‘Me, Myselfie and I’ exhibition at the Gallery of Modern Art, Brisbane.

‘Me, Myselfie and I’ is a collection-based exhibition at the Gallery of Modern Art (GOMA) which explores representation of self and features video works by Takahiko Iimura, Phil Dadson, Miloš Tomić and a series of digital prints by Gordon Bennett. The exhibition also includes interactive making and multimedia artist projects that invite children to consider different ways of creating their own portraits.

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