Queensland Museum Kits for Loan

A selection of great kits suitable for kindy to primary school age groups are available to borrow from the Logan North Library. The kits are available for schools, universities, TAFE colleges, pre-schools, kindergartens, home educators, childcare centres and any other community organisation to loan from the library.

Full of facts, displays, puppets and/or models of anything from history to trees, science toys and more….take a look…

The Queensland Museum has a list of kits from which a selection is chosen to be based at the Logan North Library.

Semester One 2017


Aboriginal Tools

Explore Aboriginal cultural material derived from local natural resources



Explore animal features and evidence of change through Queensland fossils of the Mesozoic era, including extinct dinosaurs and their surviving crocodile and bird relatives


Australia: Post and Communications

Compare postal services and communication technology from the past to the present


Coral Reef Habitat

Explore living and non-living parts of a coral reef habitat

Coral Reef Habitat


Cultural Celebrations: Feasts

Compare decorations from different places and cultures when families share a special meal


Science Toys

Investigate forces through toys

Science Toys


Tree Life

Explore trees and animals in the backyard garden


Semester Two 2017


Finding Megafauna

Explore evidence of change from Megafauna fossils



Multicultural Hats

Explore and compare hats from diverse cultures and climates

Multicultural Hats



Investigate behavioural and structural adaptations of nocturnal animals


Puzzling Patterns

Apply logic and use trial and error to solve puzzles and explore patterns.


School History

Explore and engage with school books and equipment from the past

School History


Spider & Insect Homes

Explore and observe the places and ways spiders and insects make their homes


World War 1

Investigate key aspects of the Australian experience in World War 1


To borrow or enquire about these kits contact:

Logan North Library

Ph: 3412 4140

Email: LoganNorthLibrary@logan.qld.gov.au


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