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March mystery month at Logan West!

29 February 2012

Crime sceneMarch is mystery month at Logan West Library where the focus will be on all things mysterious.

From toddlers to adults there will be mysteries to solve, puzzles to bamboozle the mind, games to play and new authors to discover.

Pat Noad, successful author, will present Crime Writing Queensland Style as she talks about writing crime fiction in a Queensland setting.

Join with friends at the Trivia Night for a fun and mysterious quiz night.

Beat Crime by learning about personal and home safety and book in for free installation of one-way screws to deter number plate theft.

Someone stole baby bear’s porridge, can the toddlers solve the problem?
Sherlock Holmes
And for the teens the mystery lock down involves gaming, fun and frivolity with a dash of murder mystery.

Round off the month with a Monster Book Sale and Sausage Sizzle.

Weekly book prize draws, History Mystery display, mystery fiction displays, and much more.

Contact Logan West Library on 3412 4160 for more information or bookings via the events calendar.

Health and harmony at Logan Central library

29 February 2012

March is Health and Harmony Month at Logan Central Library, featuring free events for all ages. Have fun whilst learning practical and new skills focusing on physical, mental and financial health. Many of the events are hosted by local community and government organisations.


The highlight of the month: Celebrity Chef cooking demonstration – Alison Taafe and Danielle Dixon will cook up a storm in recognition of Harmony Day. This special event held in conjunction with Tasty Fresh Community Catering.



  • International Women’s Day: stories to inspire, challenge and entertain you
  • A culture of happiness: the concept of true happiness can apply to any cultural background. Free Tai Chi demonstration included. Presented by Harmony Place.
  • No one is an island: join us to find out how you can help your mate to stay safe during tough times . Presented by Queensland Transcultural Mental Health Centre.
  • How to manage stress and have fun: learn how to stay mentally healthy and be more positive, learn about stress and how to manage it. Session includes a fun line dancing lesson. Presented by Harmony Place.
  • In your skin: movement & adventure class – connect your time, your space, your heart, your head, your feet. Presented by Logan Women’s Health and Wellbeing Centre.
  • A woman’s touch craft expo: a range of beautiful handmade displays and demonstrations . Presented by ACCES Services Inc and MultiLink Community Services Inc
  • All about the man: take time out for some hands-on fun and action for all ages. Presented by ACCES Services Inc, MultiLink Community Services Inc and Queensland Transcultural Mental Health Centre. Community book sale and sausage sizzle hosted by FM101.
  • Chinese Tea Ceremony: the Chung Tian Temple wil demonstrate an ancient ceremony that has many spiritual and therapeutic benefits
  • Making friends with your money: make peace with your bills, so there’s more money left over for the things you really want in life . Presented by YFS – Youth and Family Services (Logan City) Inc.
  • Wii fit for seniors: no experience required.

    Full list of events and activities is available in the events calendar. Bookings essential for all events.


    Sponsors include:

    Youth & Family ServiceQueensland Government MultiLink Community Services Logan Wowmen's Health & Wellness Centre Kingston East Neighbourhood Group IBAQHarmony Place Aqua Logan Healthy Logan Access Services Inc

    Reading for Reconciliation book club

    23 February 2012

    The Reading for Reconciliation Book Club is a free book club that meets on the third Tuesday of each month at Logan Central Library.

    This book club is committed to raising awareness of the shared history of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. The group does this by reading texts written by or which present the views of Indigenous Australians.

    It is also an important way for people to learn about the oral history of the indigenous culture – whether indigenous or not.


    Reading List

    2016 DATES & TITLES
    Month for discussion Title & Author
    16 February Warrior by Libby Connors
    15 March Balanda : My year in the Arnhem Land by Mary Ellen Jordan
    19 April Becoming Kirrali Lewis by Jane Harrison
    17 May Cleared Out : First contact in the Western Desert by Sue Davenport
    21 June Oodgeroo: Bloodline to Country by Sam Watson
    19 July Coonardoo by Katherine Prichard
    16 August Finding Ullagundahi Island by Fabienne Bayet-Charlton
    20 September Nona and Me by Clare Atkins
    18 October Not Just Black and White by Lesley Williams
    15 November Home by Larissa Behrendt
    20 December Killing Darcy by Melissa Lucashenko

    There will be a number of copies of all of the books that will be read and these will be available for borrowing if you have a library card with Logan Libraries. Please contact Logan Central Library for further information or bookings: 3412 4100.

    Previous years’ reading material

    Month for discussion Title & Author
    17 February The power of bones by Keelen Mailman
    17 March Tiddas by Anita Heiss
    21 April Black Diggers by Wesley Enoch
    19 May Steam pigs by Melissa Lucashenko
    16 June My island homicide by Catherine Titasey
    21 July Swallow the air by Tara June Winch
    18 August Tears of strangers: a family memoir by Stan Grant
    15 September Coal Creek by Alex Miller
    20 October Robyn Kina: strong Aboriginal woman: a lifer redeemed by Dave Berry
    17 November The swan book by Alexis Wright



    Month for discussion Title & Author
    18 February Gurrumual: his life and music by Robert Hillman
    18 March Good morning Mr Sarra by Chris Sarra
    1 April Black chicks talking by Leah Purcell
    20 May Welcome to my country by Lalak Burarrwanga
    17 June Ina’s story by Catherine Titasey
    15 July The lone protester A.M. Fernando in Australia & Europe by Fiona Paisley
    19 August They crossed a continent by Margaret Sommerville
    16 September Conspiracy of silence by Timothy Bottoms
    21 October My place by Sally Morgan
    18 November The oldest song in the world by Sue Woolfe
    Month for discussion Title & Author
    19 February Am I black enough for you by Anita Heiss
    19 March The boundary by Nicole Watson
    16 April Grace beside me by Sue McPherson
    21 May Bittersweet journey by Ruth Hegarty
    18 June Cockatoo: my life in Cape York by Roy McIvor
    16 July My people by Oodgeroo Noonuccal
    20 August The biggest estate on earth by Bill Gammage
    17 September Smoke encrypted whispers by Samuel Wagan Watson
    15 October Edward Koiki Mabo: his life and struggle for land rights by Noel Loos and Eddie Mabo
    November 19 Mullumbimby by Melissa Lucashenko
    Month for discussion Title & Author
    21 February The tall man by Chloe Hooper
    20 March The secret River by Kate Grenville
    17 April Seven seasons at Aurukun by Paula Shaw
    15 May Forcibly removed by Albert Holt
    19 June Sister girl by Jackie Huggins
    17 July Saltwater people by Nonie Sharp
    21 August Is that you Ruthie? by Ruth Hegarty
    18 September Why weren’t we told? by Henry Reynolds
    16 October Unbranded by Herb Wharton

    Picture Past It 2012

    22 February 2012

    Alter your reality showing us where and when you would love to read in Logan’s past, present or future. Using a picture from Logan and a picture of you reading (or with a book), manipulate the photo to create your own “Altered Read-ality”.

    Key Dates:

    - Launch and promotion of competition: 1 March to 22 April 2012
    - Competition entries close: Sunday 22 April 2012
    - Exhibition tour: May to November 2012
    - Winners Announced: Thursday 26 April 2012


    Entrants will be categorised as, under 18 and 18+ with a total prize pool valued at $450. Prizes will be awarded for both categories to the indicated values.

    Mayors Choice $100

    Under 18s 18 and Over
    1st prize $100
    2nd prize $50
    3rd prize $25
    1st prize $100
    2nd prize $50
    3rd prize $25

    Terms and Conditions:

    Please view the terms and conditions before entering the competition. For any enquiries phone 3412 4165 or via email.

    Entry Form:

    Three separate entries are permissible from each entrant. An entry form must be filled out for each entry.

    Finding “Logan” Photographs:

    Need help locating some “Logan” pictures? You are able view our helpful hints on finding photographs in our collection, or just ask our friendly staff for assistance. More photographs are available in the Local Studies Collection which is situated at the Logan Central Library

    Basic Photo Manipulation:

    Need help manipulating photos? Please utilise the tutorial manipulating photographs using the free GIMP software.

    Fey and fantasy workshop

    22 February 2012

    A Fey and Fantasy workshop was held at LH library on January 9th.

    What lurks on the other side of our world?

    Catch a glimpse of the fey fairies and goblins as they peer in to our world through your art.

    Create a fey or fantasy creature of your own and decorate it with natural and recycled materials…

    Eloise’s finished masterpiece
    Renee Dillon did an excellent job inspiring the children

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